My Journey From Pune To Kerala By Kanyakumari Express – Culmination of Dreams

I, Sunita Katoch, am simply fed up with all these daily routines. Work, work and simply more work, I have become a workaholic. Be it at home or office, the continuous and monotonous work does not leave me alone any more. Though I have a full-time job at a travel desk, it does not mean that in no way I am a housewife. My teenaged kids take preference above all others. So when I told them that I was simply too tired and fatigue and also feeling on the borderline, my family came upon a brilliant idea of taking a South India tour. The decision to go where was an easy one, as we all simultaneously decided on the beautiful city of Kerala. The exotic beaches of Kerala are calling us mom, declared my children. So the next step was simply coordinating our dates and voila our plans were made. We decided to travel by Kanyakumari Express.

Kanyakumari Express

Kanyakumari Express | Image Resource :

For our journey from Pune, which is our resident city, to Kerala, our immediate destination, we simply logged on to the most famous and accurate travel site. As we had used this site before, we were quite clear that this site would give us comprehensive and reliable information, which we religiously noted down. The next step was in booking our tickets through the official sites of the railways, IRCTC. We booked AC two-tire tickets for the train named Kanyakumari Express, which starts from Mumbai central and ends up in Kanyakumari. This was the starting point of my journey from Pune to Kerala by Kanyakumari Express.

The day arrived and I was quite enthusiastic about my travelling plans and I was also ready to enjoy quality time with my family. The train arrived at Pune junction at 7:20 pm and we all rushed into the train with our bag and baggage. After relaxing ourselves on the assigned seats I started thinking about my plans and to how to coordinate both our budget and time at each destination. I had always thought of travelling to Kerala, a city famous for its famous scenic beauty and backwater boats and I had even noted in my plans to eat the cuisine popular over there. After many hours sitting and sleeping in the train, finally, I reached the destination with my family. My journey from Pune to Kerala by Kanyakumari Express at last came to an end.


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