Hotel Shalimar Metro Kochi – A Home Away From Home

It’s a realization only a woman could have that once you are married there are no holidays for the entire life. Not in terms of profession, but you will have to be at the service of your family throughout your life. You have to balance everything and then look for any opportunity to take a break from the usual. The same is applicable to me as well. I was happy that I could spend some amazing moments in this tour. After exploring some of the famous tourist spots in Kerala, we decided to move to Kochi. Working at a travel desk helped me in this matter as I found this really affordable and recommended place, Hotel Shalimar Metro, Kochi. All set for the trip we all boarded the train to Kerala, excited to visit the place of backwaters.

Hotel Shalimar Metro Kochi

Hotel Shalimar Metro Kochi | Image Resource :

After an overnight journey we finally reached the Ernakulam South Railway Station in the morning. We chose to travel by train since the station was half a kilometer away from the hotel. Reaching the hotel I instantly got a positive vibe about it and was proved right throughout our stay there. We had booked a double AC room, which had all basic amenities required for a comfortable stay. The hotel showed complete hospitality right from the time we checked in. They even had a travel desk from where one could get all the assistance required to visit various places in Kerala. I being a complete foodie checked out the restaurant there, which offered the delicacies of Kerala. The tantalizing varieties of food were not only enjoyed by me and my husband, but our kids the most whose tantrums with food at home disappeared. After exploring the local markets, which always becomes a must for shopping and tasting the local cuisine, the hotel room was a haven for our tired bodies.

View Of Bedroom

View Of Bedroom | Image Resource :

The starting of our vacation in Kerala was highly assisted by the hospitable staff of Hotel Shalimar Metro Kochi who even arranged for taxis whenever needed. Overall, the hotel provided a homely atmosphere away from home and made our journey to our next destination Munnar really easy and comfortable, where we had a thrilling experience visiting the Eravikulam National Park and other places.

Restaurant At Hotel

Restaurant At Hotel | Image Resource :


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