Thekkady Lake And Palace Kerala – The Taste Of Royalty

Since our Kerala trip was jointly organized by my husband and me, we divided our responsibilities and the resort booking was his headache. Both of us being nature lovers and fond of wildlife, we chose Kerala to be our destination. But I had no idea that we would get the opportunity to actually spend time in the midst of the jungle to have the experience of lifetime. Before coming to Thekkady Lake and palace Kerala, I had no idea what the place is like. But the journey to reach the resort was building the suspense, which finally got over once we reached the resort situated on the island in the midst of the Periyar Lake, a 20-minute boat ride from the main land.

Thekkady Lake Kerala

Thekkady Lake Kerala | Image Resource :

The resort Lake Palace, a former summer palace of the king of Travancore was an ideal place to listen to the call of the wild, taking some time off from the hassles of the world. I was sure that my amazement was quite visible on my face as my husband had a smirk on his face by looking at me. The children were excited right from the boat ride on the Periyar Lake and were elated to know that there are chances to see the wild animals across the lake. The lakeside jungle resort had six rooms in total among which we had a booking for a premium room. Though the premium room no. 44 provided the best view of the lake and wildlife, unfortunately it was already occupied. The manager was friendly and called everyone in the resort whenever any wild animals were visible. The resident peacock and the monkeys around the trees made the experience royal along with the other wildlife visible from the verandah while relaxing on the easy chairs with a mug of coffee. We spotted elephants along with babies, egrets, deer, bison, snake birds and storks.

Elephants In Periyar Wildlife

Elephants In Periyar Wildlife | Image Resource :

The hotel authorities also provided a complementary boat trip on the Periyar Lake, followed by a trek across the jungle in the trail of the majestic tiger, which ended in disappointment. But the stay at Thekkady Lake and palace, Kerala indeed gave a feeling of royalty, which incorporated a very different mood than that was needed to visit our next destination, the Sivagiri Mutt in Varkala. But I would really be thankful to my husband forever for giving me such a wonderful experience.


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