The Perfect Destination of Enjoyment – Varkala Beach At Last

Having endured an uneventful serene Sivagiri Mutt, both my children were very restless and deliberately wanted to go to some fun place. So my husband and I decided to take them to the famous Varkala beach since sea beaches are the favorite for our whole family. Situated 12 minutes away from the Sivagiri mutt, this beach is a popular tourist attraction for people around the world. The somber faces of my children immediately glowed the moment I disclosed them the idea of visiting the beach. They could not wait to reach there and jumped into the sand the moment we reached there.

Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach | Image Resource :

Though Kerala has a humid climate, the sea beach as other beaches was really comfortable due to the sea breeze. There were tourists from around the world, a few of whom were enjoying the sun bath lying on the beach. My husband was again active with his camera taking pictures of the beautiful seaside surrounded by the long stretch of cliffs — a visual treat available only in Varkala in the south Kerala. Sitting on the sand and enjoying the fresh air I had to keep an eye on the children, who were only allowed to go into ankle deep water of the sea. The snaps of them playing with the crashing waves have come really nice and one of them is framed now in our drawing room.

People Sitting on the sand and enjoying the fresh air

People Sitting on the sand and enjoying the fresh air | Image Resource :

There were small shops along the cliffs stretching for a kilometer or so. We bought some snacks and coconut water and had a nice time sitting on the beach. I also joined my kids in making a sand castle and sometimes it feels nice to be a child again! We noticed that a section of the beach was used by the Indians to scatter ashes of their cremated dead relatives, a ritual, which earned the beach the name ‘Papanasam’. In spite of that the sea water was used for swimming as well.

Crashing Waves

Crashing Waves | Image Resource :

Enjoying the time at the Varkala beach Kerala, it was finally time for us to return to our resort. It was a relaxing time that we spent at the beach compared to the next day journey to the Top Station Munnar. But that is what a real trip should be – a mixture of all sorts of experience. And ours was definitely one of those.

Sunset At Varkala Beach Kerala

Sunset At Varkala Beach Kerala | Image Resource :


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