Jhelum Express- Tithe Chugging Route To The City of Lakes

Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh | Image Resource : webindia123.com

 Travel is the most liberating task ever. In fact, it is no task at all; for me when I am travelling I am possibly the happiest. Well, may be second to the happiness of my older children but personally, it is the only way with which I unwind, replenish and rejuvenate and come back alive with my fighting spirit to fight the world. For me while travelling the destination is of prime importance. It should inspire me, excite me and have all the necessary varied ingredients in order to bring me one step closer to my roots; such sentiments are close to my heart. Hence, the choice of destination this time has been Bhopal; a capital city of Madhya Pradesh which is known to most as the City of Lakes. The tickets for travel from Pune to Bhopal by Jhelum Express had been booked in advance and I had been very anxious for the day to arrive when I would leave for my journey.

Jhelum Express

Jhelum Express | Image Resource : flickr.com

 The Pune Railway Station is a picture of bustling activity. Painting a picture of chaos and order, the commuters are all helter skelter looking for their trains. But what appears to me disorganized is the bid of all the passengers making it to their respective trains to make it to their destinations. I followed my route and took my designated place in the train and began my journey. it was about 5:20 in the evening and it would require the train to cover a distance of 895 kilometers to reach Bhopal the next day at about 9: 05 in the morning. The train journey was not really bad at all. By the dinner time, I had taken my packed food out and had my fill and then dozed off only to be woken up by the train attendant announcing that Bhopal Junction was close by.

The travel from Pune to Bhopal by Jhelum Express had been comfortable and relaxing. I had plans to commence my sightseeing to Bharat Bhavan Bhopal, the moment I would be fresh in my hotel. With my enthusiasm peaking, I prayed for the success of my trip.


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