Bharat Bhavan Bhopal- A Cultural Hub for the Kaleidoscope of Creative Pursuits

Bharat Bhavan Bhopal

Bharat Bhavan Bhopal | Image Resource :

The morning in Bhopal felt just the way I thought it would- free and away from the everyday hassles in Pune. The weather had been hot but not too hot which meant that it would not be very unpleasant being outside. My inaugural sightseeing in the city is Bharat Bhavan Bhopal which is famous nationwide for its contributions and role in the cultural and arts fields in the city. The Bhavan had been constructed to bridge the gaps between the visual, verbal and the performing arts. This has been successfully achieved in the premise since its inception and inauguration in the year 1982 by the then Prime Minister, Shrimati Indira Gandhi. The institution strives till date to bring about an amalgamation and expression for the creative pursuits of artists and artisans.

Tiger sculpture In Bharat Bhavan Museum

Tiger sculpture In Bharat Bhavan Museum | Image Resource :

Built by Charles Correa, the museum is unique because it showcases both the urban arts and the folk kinds. The various activities within the premise are organized through the 6 wings that have been conceptualized to enhance and encourage them. The sic different wings of the Bhavan are Roopankar, Rangmandal, Vagarth, Anahad, Ashram and Chavvi. While the Roopankar wing boasts of art exhibits, the Rangmandal is a repertory for theatre with an impressive data bank in the theatre library. The Vagarth stands for the poetry division in all forms; be it written or vocal. For people interested in music, contemporary and otherwise, the place to be is Anahad which specializes in tribal, classical and folk music. Chavvi is the latest inclusion in the Bhavan for the pursuit of classical cinema which attracts many cinema buffs.

One could rent the auditoriums in the Bharat Bhavan Bhopal if there are any intended uses for it for such cultural programs. Since the past 23 years, it has been instrumental in conducting some very powerful and important works which has enriched the land of Madhya Pradesh. The next spot for me was the Gufa Mandir Bhopal and I had warmed up enough to dive in the sea of attractive sightseeing of the city. It would be a great and a rewarding experience; that I was sure of.


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