Hotel Sonali Regency Bhopal – A Dream Hotel of My Choice

After the exploration of the caves and its beauty it was the time to set my journey on my new place of accommodation. With a budget travel on my card, I could not take advantage of a lavish stay on any of the star hotel of the city. But with a preplanning of the holidays I made up my mind to have at least one night stay in a luxurious and elegant hotel of the city, Hotel Sonali Regency Bhopal. So before the end day of my vacation, after covering the maximum of the spots of attraction, I went to take a peaceful and calm stay at the new place of dwelling. An elegant and smart property, making the stay pleasurable with a merging of business and comfort were the chief features of the hotel.

Hotel Sonali Regency Bhopal

Hotel Sonali Regency Bhopal | Image Resource :

It is a 3-star ranked hotel, a perfect place to dwell in, with unfold experiences of the city. The handpicked artifacts and the well polished furnishings on the interiors of the hotel welcomed us with warm greetings. A serenity and tranquility in the atmosphere coupled with a pleasant restaurant and generous staff members made my stay more preferable. The hotel is well connected to the different prominent places of the city including the railway station, preferable for me to board my returning train, made an easy access for us to reach the place. 35 tastefully intricate rooms with all the ‘ in room’ facility like LCD, hot and cold water, attached bathroom, mini refrigerator, and other means of entertainment possibility were an added facilities to my choice of stay. I was totally overwhelmed by the great ambience and the hospitality service of the hotel staff.

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The most striking feature of the Hotel Sonali Regency Bhopal to my state of mind was the multi cuisine facility provided by it. Samah, an inspirational name given to its in house restaurant, was quite impressive. It tends to serve a variety of scrumptious food delicacies to its visitors and the same it does to me. I had a number of samples around my table which I am going to cherish throughout my life. A peace in environment, an open garden view from my room with an impressive weather swayed me to my dreaming thoughts. With stillness in mind and excitement in heart for the next place of my visit, Birla Museum Bhopal, I had a confronting sleep in the lap of my dream hotel.


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