Buddhist Monuments At Sanchi – The UNESCO Recognized Mesmerizing Monuments

Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi

Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi | Image Resource : flickr.com

This sightseeing needed no introduction. For people coming to Bhopal, it is considered a sacrilege if they miss out on the Buddhist Monuments at Sanchi. Situated on a hill, which is about 40 kilometers from Bhopal, is this ancient rock structure, which date back to the times of Ashoka and Gautama Buddha It is a world recognized monument and one would find tourists here coming from all parts of the world. Dating back to the first and second centuries BC, these monuments are testimony of the influences of Buddhism in India till the 12th century AD. The remnants of the Buddhist period can be seen among these and is a sight to behold for people who love historical places.

Idol Of Buddha

Idol Of Buddha | Image Resource : flickr.com

The region where these are located is called the Raisen District. Built over the relics of Buddha, the focal point of the structure is a simple hemispherical brick sheltered by a dome like structure. It is said that the construction of the stupa was under the scrutiny of Ashoka’s wife. Some of the very famous things to look out for here are the inscriptions popularly known as the Brahmi Inscriptions which have great historical significances. In fact, there can be found inscriptions from various times and periods of Indian History. There are some from the Mauryan Dynasty, some from the Shunga/Satvahanas, the Kushana and then the Guptas.

Buddhist monuments at Sanchi are a treasure chest of history which is being preserved here and is indicative of the life and times of the various rulers that lived in our lands. I felt humbled being in the presence of such a large chunk of history. Some of the noteworthy monuments that captivated my attention are Shalabhanjika on the eastern Torana, Monastery 51, panels inside the premises and the northern gate where the main stupa was located. The exteriors of the monuments had great landscaped gardens providing a very restful environment for the people who came here to visit this great place. The place also includes one of the last additions in this place which is the one built during 10 and 11th century which is known as the Temple 45.



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