Kanha Fun City Bhopal : Rocking With the Rides

Profoundly connected to the travel destinations, as per my job profile, I get to explore new sites every moment my service requires. And hence I had reached the point from where I could define the destinations of India and abroad authentically. Whenever my destiny allows me to break the monotony of my life through travelling, I immediately grasp the prospect. My bags are always ready to go ahead with my strides. Visiting Bhopal was a click to my kids who were overjoyed to plunge in the shallow waters of Kanha Fun City Bhopal.

Kanha Fun City Bhopal

Kanha Fun City Bhopal | Image Resource : flickr.com

The city of Raja Bhoj, the king that is well known through a Hindi phrase, is the mishmash of contemporary urban planning, historicity and natural beauty. Now one more flavour of amusement park is added to its blend. The only amusement park of the city is crowded throughout the year by the common masses. The number of rides and water rides make the hub suitable and perfect for the kids and adults to beat the heat in summers. We picked up the route of National Highway 12 where the park is situated 14 kilometres away from Bhopal with its numerous entertainment activities.

Being spread in the area of 14 acres it is the biggest in central India. It can accommodate massive amount of crowd at a time. People who want dry entertainment atmosphere can proceed in the amusement park and can get enthralled in the striking and stunning rides. We decided to cherish both of them. I have a fetish for bungy jumping from my college days and how could I missed the chance there. So it gave me fresh start. My kids were really enjoying in the Rodio, ride built like a bull, crazy with fast movements. The vortex was another like journey which gave the experience of space. We enjoyed the water rides too with some of the great moments.

It was the time to get wet with love and happiness. The Cyclone and Aqua disco was the most like water rides by my kids and I too joined them followed with wave pool to relax. The time ran away and we left Kanha Fun City Bhopal to capture the cab for Van Vihar National Park.


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