Birla Museum – A Pleasure With a Blend of Learning

Birla Museum Bhopal

Birla Museum Bhopal | Image Resource :

A warm welcome to the Hotel Sonali Regency Bhopal was an undue experience of lavishness in the lifestyle. After a comfortable and heavenly peace confronting sleep in the deluxe room of the hotel, we were geared up to an amazing extent. With all the attractions and destinations perfectly accomplished with zeal and anxiety, my fantasies to the trip to Bhopal were finally ending up. The last and the most interesting site of the city, Birla Museum Bhopal was surely a choice of my kids. They were very fond of arts and the objects of the primitive era, so their thirst for the learning from the museum was increasing at a remarkable speed. I was also excited along with my kids to grab the opportunity. The next spot Birla Museum Bhopal was a sure to visit tourists’ destination.

Located amidst the heart of the city, established in 1971, this archaeological museum finely displays the various terracotta, paintings, manuscripts and the sculptures. The museum, one of its kinds, is the most prominent one among the other art galleries in the city. I was completely dated back to the ancient primitive period viewing the various objects exhibited in the museums premises. The divine appeal of the Bhimbetka Rock shelter astounded me to a large extent. The interiors and the exteriors of the museum were so finely designed and flawless to captivate the eyes of the tourists including me. The implements and the primitive tools those used during the Neolithic and Paleolithic period were exhibited and displayed thoroughly in the museum. The artifacts and the evidence prevailing from the prehistoric age were well preserved by the museum.

It was quiet revealing that the Birla Museum Bhopal exhibits a wide variety of objects highlighting the historical and cultural heritage of Madhya Pradesh. Thus a remarkable end to my journey to Bhopal provided me with lots of learning, information and rejuvenated me completely. It was an appealing vacation with an aid of comfort ability and tranquility. Lots of stories to be narrated to my relatives and friends, and above all my experiences of travelling to the city had boosted my job profile with a positive approach.


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