Van Vihar National Park : Simplified Journey Of Wildlife

After having such exciting hours in the amusement park it was time for snacking as we were dying of hunger. We bought some refreshments on the way and proceeded towards our next destination that is the best part of Madhya Pradesh tourism. It is none other than Van Vihar National Park which serves the state by inviting as many visitors as possible to enhance the tourism of Madhya Pradesh. Wildlife is my all-time charm and pleasure. This takes me to the world of unconditional love and loyalty that an animal shares with its loved ones, be it their children or the owner. Animals are said to be the best friend of human, if possessed with love and care.


Leopard | Image Resource :

Under the guidance of Central Zoo Authority, the national park is enhanced in several ways. At present there are 60 species of butterfly and animals and 207 birds’ species followed with some reptiles. Animals like leopard, tiger, gharial, chital, crocodile, Sloth Bear, and some species of tortoise are observed in their active mode. Some of them are brought from other regional zoos and some are orphaned from different parts of the nation. The animals are generally provided with their natural habitat to have convenient stay all day. The national park also possesses some wonderful landscapes that add beauty to it and that captivated me to stay connected with the zoo and its property. Adjacent to the park, there is an Upper Lake that endows immense beauty to the place.


Cheetal(spotted_deer) | Image Resource :

The lake becomes more beautiful when thousands of migratory birds flock on the stretch of the lake in winters and excite the tourists to have some memorable moments in the park. We saw the sunset from the park that is equally beautiful when seen from the lake side as if the ball of fire is plunging into the lake of cold water. The scene was simply mesmerizing and I partly lost into it. It was the time to escape from the place since it is not allowed to stay after 5pm in Van Vihar National Park. The journey was simplified by the resting moments given by the animals inside.


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