Bhimbetka Caves Bhopal – An Archaeological Treasure

After exploring the major part of the Bhopal, I was on the verge of the end of the journey. Still the enthusiasm to ruin the remaining has not deteriorated at all. The more I get contented with the views and inspirations of the attractions already visited, the more the lust of accomplishing the other ones gets accelerated. Before I could start for the next spot, Bhimbetka Caves Bhopal, the smell of the delicious and mouthwatering delicacies at a nearby restaurant had over mounted us. I am a complete food hunter and get attracted to the local cuisines very easily. This time we sat for sampling a specialty of Bhopal in food delicacies. The main trends of the city lie in the non vegetarian dishes like fish curry, goat biryani, other meat items and the kebabs. My passion for cooking accentuates my desires and hunger to try the food. The food was exceptional and undoubtedly soothed my taste buds. With our tummy fully satisfied, we headed towards the famous rock shelter.

Beautiful Way To Bhimteka Rock

Beautiful Way To Bhimteka Rock | Image Resource :

One of the famous attraction in the history of the capital city of Madhya Pradesh, Bhimbetka caves has been a must visit site. About 46 kilometers away from the Bhopal city, this elegant cave has its legendary name, inherited by the name of Bhima, one of the Pandava Brothers. It is an archaeological treasures and a very natural art gallery. The fine paintings printed on the walls of the caves dated me back to the ancient primitive period. The ancient traces of human life are clearly exhibited in the cave. These were created by the man in panoramic and vivid details. Most of the paintings do belong to the medieval period as well. To be more precise, the drawings and the wall paintings have numerous lays belonging to the seven different periods, each one significant in its own way.

A Rock at Bhimbetka Rock Shelters

A Rock at Bhimbetka Rock Shelters | Image Resource :

The most attractive rock as popularly referred as ‘Zoo Rook’ depicts animals like bison, tigers, deer and the elephants, the other one depicting peocock, snakes, antelopes and the lizards. The depictions on the other rock shelter were also in abundance. The unique painting was clearly visible even on the ceilings mounted at daunting heights. The other remains of the archaeology have also been expended and savored by me. Overall, Bhimbetka Caves Bhopal loaded with art and treasures serves as an invaluable record in my memory of journey to the city. It was a marvelous and comfortable visit to the place and with utmost zeal and excitement; I looked forward for relaxing at the Hotel Sonali Regency Bhopal.

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