Kyq Special Train : Train Travel At Its Luxurious Finest

Writing about my travel blogs have become a favorite pastime of mine and this blog also starts with a Travel from Pune to Chattisgarh by Pune Kyq Special Train. Friends my kids do not let me stay in my hometown in the vacations. They are simply holy terrors and I always have to bow to their demands. In these vacations we decided to visit the state of Chattisgarh and specially the cities of Raipur and Bhilai. Making travel arrangements for any tour is the most difficult part and I was at first confused as what to do.

Later I remembered that a neighbor had started a travel agency and voila I rang him immediately. He came to my rescue and made all the travel arrangements and bookings through a reputable website.  As he was a friend he gave me heavy discounts and at last we both were happy. Tracking my ticket was very easy due to my pnr status app. The day of the journey arrived and we all reached the railway station eagerly.  The train in which we were to travel was Pune Kyq Special and it was marked 02511.

This train starts its journey from the Pune Junction at 10.45 AM and ends at Kamakhya Station after two night’s journey at 15.15 PM. The train travels an amazing distance of 2818 Km. As soon as the train arrived on the Pune platform we went inside and searched for our berths. Finding the berths was an easy task as the tickets were confirmed and we quickly arranged our luggage and sat down on the seats as the train was starting to move. The train journey was long but with my children it did not seem so lengthy. Seating at the window seats and looking out of the air conditioned compartment of the train the view outside was very enchanting and mesmerizing. We ate a lot of food items and played some indoor games like cards and antakshari.

Raipur Junction

Raipur Junction | Image Resource :

The train reached Raipur station at 7.35 in the morning and in this manner the Travel from Pune to Chattisgarh by Pune Kyq Special Train came to a conclusion. We were now ready to embark on an exciting tour starting with Mahant Ghasidas Museum Raipur.


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