Mahant Ghasidas Museum Raipur : Speaking About the Glorified Past Of the Local Place

Mahant Ghasidas Museum Raipur

Mahant Ghasidas Museum Raipur | Image Resource :

The city seemed beautiful and we all decided to go ahead with the trip plan and move to the very first destination in this trip and it was Mahant Ghasidas Museum Raipur. The time of travel to the place was not so long and it was a comfortable journey altogether. The place has national recognition and is also known to be the finest museums in the central India region. The museum was actually built back in the year of 1875 by the king of the place and has been operating ever since. Every structure needs renovation and this one also got one during the year of 1953 by the queen then of the place.


Museum | Image Resource :

Mahant Ghasidas Museum

Mahant Ghasidas Museum | Image Resource :

The museum wasn’t small as normally people think it to be and on reaching we had a two hectare land occupying beautiful museum in front of our eyes housing precious stuffs and making us excited about the things we could find inside. After getting inside the place with my family beside me and paying a nominal fee we started to inspect the place. The first room we entered housed inscriptions of the past. The inscriptions though out of our reach of understanding because was written down in the local language of the place but the translations and guides around helped us to understand it to a great extent.

The next room we went to had weapons cache and from spears used in primitive battle to guns used by British, it had all. The excitement was soaring high as we checked the next room and it was fully loaded with Buddhist clothes and carvings about Lord Buddha and they were beautiful and the translations had deep meaning and asked the people to believe in themselves and introspect so as to gain peace of soul. Likewise we visited many other rooms and they had sculptures of different tribes who had lived at the local place and things were written about them and similarly coins used by people during that time were at display.

The trip to Mahant Ghasidas Museum Raipur was an amazing one because we had a sneak peek in the past of the local place and with this we decided to move ahead and continue our journey.


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