Smarak Bhawan Raipur : An Educative, Learning and Poignant Experience

Mahant Ghasidas museum has been a knowledgeable know-how but today I was in the mood to visit the Shaheed Smarak Bhawan Raipur as I wanted my children to know about our historical facts and legends. This fine-looking structure is a gigantic building built with an intention of honoring our freedom fighters.

Shaheed Smarak Bhawan Raipur

Shaheed Smarak Bhawan Raipur | Image Resource :

This historical building has an auditorium as well as an art gallery and they have articles and objects related to the time of Independence. Located in the city of Raipur and in the state of Chattisgarh this building was constructed as a sort of memorial to make the memory of the freedom-fighters alive for today’s generation. Tagging along with my children made me realize the importance of history lessons. The children as well as the youth should be made to realize and understand the value of independent country.

Today they have taken our Independence for granted but going through this museum will open every-one’s eyes as they will be made to understand and appreciate the sacrifices involved during that time period. The library showcases the events and dealings leading to the independence war and every individual as well as collective thought process in that era. How one craves and then realizes his goal by sacrificing his own life and also lives of loved ones is a tremendous example.

Reading and explaining the articles to my children brought tears to our eyes and it was then I realized that every-one present was similarly affected. In the auditorium through the slide shows the events were showcased and it reflected poignant memories which I had heard from my grandfather.  Building of these types of Smaraks is a must in today’s environment if we are to make our future generation conscious of the sacrifices being made to receive the free lifestyle of today.We were allowed to take photographs which we relished as it would serve as a reminder for the days to come.

Shaheed Smarak Bhawan Raipur has been an educative experience for all of us and my children along with myself have learned and understood quite a lot about that time period. After coming out we were discussing about a new experience like the Raipur International Cricket Stadium.


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