Raipur International Cricket Stadium : The Fourth Largest Stadium On The Planet

The next destination on our map and decided by us was visiting to the place which is another form of temple for Indian fans and it defines the religion of cricket in India and the place was Raipur International Cricket Stadium. We all wanted to have a look at the stadium as we had heard a lot about this newly constructed stadium in the city with a capability of holding up to 65000 cricket lovers at a go and being the second largest cricket stadium in India according to the capacity of seats available.

Raipur International Cricket Stadium

Raipur International Cricket Stadium | Image Resource : panoramio.com

The stadium being not so far from the Naya Raipur as it’s situated close to the airport in the city. Since being a comparatively new stadium in the country filled with stadiums and fans who wish for matches being held at their respective city, this particular stadium hasn’t witnessed many International matches but the good thing being that it has been utilized for the IPL matches in the country which provided the necessity exposure the stadium wanted so that the cricket control board gives it a fair share of matches being held in the country.

International Cricket Stadium

International Cricket Stadium | Image Resource : panoramio.com

The stadium when we visited as tourists had a great impact on us. We could roam around the place and check out the facilities and it had a great modern day area for sports then separate media facilities and corporate boxes which were very comfortable and roofs were also covering the whole seating place in the ground so as to save the fans from the high heat level at the place. The stadium got the required exposure during the IPL phase as the now interim-president of the board of cricket in India Mr. Sunil Gavaskar had himself praised the stadium and told that it will be used properly for all types of matches in the near future thus opening the doors for the stadium to host International matches and becoming a prime stadium in the country.

It was good to spend time at Raipur International Cricket Stadium and with this we decided to move onto the next location of our exciting trip and we all decided to visit a place where we can rest a little and also enjoy the beauty around. We used travel app for all our bookings which made our journey quite convenient.


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