Nandanvan Garden Raipur : Parks For Picnic Purpose Along-With Mini-Zoo

After a nice visit to the newly constructed stadium we wanted to rest a little and along with it witness natural beauty and so the place we decided to go to was Nandanvan Garden Raipur. After reaching the place which was outside the city and took us little while, we came to terms with the reality of the place which made us more excited before-hand getting inside it.

Nandanvan Garden Raipur

Nandanvan Garden Raipur | Image Resource :

We thought the place to be some sort of garden with plants and flowers all around providing pleasant views but it was more than we imagined or expected. With no entry fees to get inside the place and no time limits of stay we learnt that the place is a mini-zoo along with being a garden having jogging parks and places for family picnic and outings.

Nandanvan Garden

Nandanvan Garden | Image Resource :

The landscape was enchanting and soothing as the place was totally covered with trees and plants and it was fully green out there making the place pollution free with natural and clean air to breathe and get the feel of a jungle. Next we visited the in-house mini-zoo where we saw many animals of which most being wild. They were kept in a nice way and we could see tigers taking a dip in the water area and cooling themselves off and keeping the heat down while other animals like deer eating grass and watching us back like the way we all were staring and observing them and also animals like monkeys lying down carefree inside their cage on the tree and having a lazy life.


Deer | Image Resource :

My kids were very happy to see the wildlife around them and the happiness had doubled because they hadn’t expected this coming their way. After watching animals, we all sat on the sitting space at various places provided to get little rest while my kids found happiness in rushing to the huge playground present there to play a few games and have fun at the place.

The visit to Nandanvan Garden Raipur went exceptionally well and we all enjoyed tons at the place and with this we decided to move on to the next phase of the journey and continue having fun.


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