Maitri Bagh Bhilai : A Beautiful Zoological Park with Picnic Facilities

Maitri Bagh Bhilai

Maitri Bagh Bhilai | Image Resource :

After a great trip to the mini-zoo park and seeing happiness in the eyes of my kids on seeing animals, we planned to visit another such zoo come park and it was Maitri Bagh Bhilai. The name of the place seemed a bit odd as the word “Maitri” meant friendship and the other half “Bagh” meant garden making the whole term meaning friendship garden. Later after reaching we came to terms with the place and came to know that it was built to symbolize the friendship between the Indian state and the USSR. The place was great and beautiful and we were charged a mere amount of Rs 10 per head as we entered the park.

Zoological Side Of The Park

Zoological Side Of The Park | Image Resource :

We had inquired about the timing of the place before-hand to avoid troubles and we were informed that the zoological garden opens at 10 in the morning and closes at 5 in the evening for the visitors but the attached park operates till the time of 7:30 in late evening. The place seemed excellent for outdoor recreational activities and we could lie down on the grass and rest a little and with that my kids started their chants as they wished to see animals present there and so we took them to the zoological side of the park where they saw many animals like the deer in a herd at a little distance from us and then the magnificent Royal Bengal Tiger and also a lioness lying down care-free inside their designated part.

View Of  Bagh

View Of Bagh | Image Resource :

The landscape was beautiful too with trees and various types of flowering plants all around us increasing the beauty of the place and we also saw a gaggle of geese in a small pond out there playing in water and it was a treat to watch them. We all then went up the place known as Pragati Minar from where one could see the whole park and various places as it was at a good height and the scene was really very amazing and explicit.

With this our great time at Maitri Bagh Bhilai came to an end and we all packed things up to move ahead in the trip to another location.


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