Temple Of Rajivlochan Raipur : An Exceptional and Unique Temple

After the visit to the Maitri Bagh Bhillai I decided to go and see the Temple of Rajivlochan Raipur as I had heard a lot about it from my friends. The state of Chattisgarh is famous for its sculptures and temples as some of the most noteworthy and significant temples are located here. Temple of Rajivlochan Raipur is one such magnificent temple and is located at the banks of river Mahanadi in Rajim. This is a renowned historical temple and is supposed to be built in the 8th century and is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The architecture of the temple is amazing with intricate carvings in stone reflecting and depicting the art during the post period of the Gupta Dynasty.

temple of rajivlochan raipur

Temple Of Rajivlochan Raipur | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

The statuettes of Trivikrama, Vamana and Narasimha are constructed very exquisitely and remarkably. The doorway is huge and gigantic with a figurine of sleeping Lord Vishnu and his entourages on the beam and is one of the most gorgeous entrances in India. The pillars are decorated with enamored pairs in life-size with detailed work done on hairstyles and jewelry. I could easily see the artisan’s dedication in their ancient works and feel their perseverance and devotion. Many temples are also located inside the complex which are small in size and includes the Temple of Lord Shiva and the Jagannath Mandir.

The most impressive feature of the temple was the idol of the main deity of Lord Vishnu. A beautiful stone of black granite is used to make this idol and it is attired in apparels which are unstitched. The turban or the headgear has been made by the same family members from generations. Avery different aspect of the deity was that it was epitomized in various diverse life segments like a small child in the day time, a teenager in the mid-afternoon and as an aged man in the evenings. Devotees come here in hordes to offer prayers and the chants and celebrations during festivals are awesome.

Temple of Rajivlochan Raipur is an exceptional and unique temple with historical significance. I enjoyed visiting this temple complex very much. As I was returning back my thoughts were on my next destination and that was to rest and Stay at Hotel SimranRegency Raipur.


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