Chitrakoot Falls Chhattisgarh : Tranquil and Serene Environment

After a relaxing stay at hotel Simran Regency Raipur we decided to see the gorgeous Chitrakoot Falls Chhattisgar has we had heard a lot about it. One can find the Chitrakoot Falls situated in the central part of the Vindhya ranges and is formed and molded by the river Indravati. It has the individuality of being the largest and widest waterfalls in our country with its height being close to one hundred feet. Though the breadth of the falls differ because of the changes in the water level during the monsoon and other months but still it is amazingly wide. The best and most desired season to visit it is during the months from July to October as because of the monsoon water the waterfalls are mesmerizing and awesome to look at.

The first glimpse of the waterfalls was enough to fall in love with it. I along with my children honestly had never seen such a magnificent site. When we reached there we found some visitors doing various kinds of therapies and meditations. There were some families also present who had come for picnic like our-selves. Some painters had set up their gears to paint such picturesque settings while the professional photographers were clicking the pictures of nature at its best. The surroundings had held us spellbound as it seemed that we were sitting in the lap of mother-nature.

chitrakoot falls chhattisgarh

Chitrakoot Falls Chhattisgarh | Image Resource :

The water looked clean and clear and while the sunrays were reflected in it the water seemed sparking and glinting. We were told that the color of water changes from time to time as during monsoons it is a light brown in color because of the presence of silt whereas in the months of summer it is white in color. We had taken a picnic basket and enjoyed eating in those scenic surroundings. We also clicked many photographs to remember this place as well as to show those pictures to our near and dear ones.

Chitrakoot Falls Chhattisgarh has been a tranquil and comforting experience which soothed us and helped us to rejuvenate. We were ready for the next part of our journey and that was Ghatarani Waterfalls Raipur.


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