Ghatarani Waterfalls Raipur : A Beautiful and Scenic Place to Be At

After having a great trip altogether and with time passing fast, we all came to the last stop of our exciting journey and it was another special one too and the place was Ghatarani Waterfalls Raipur. The waterfalls are always a treat to watch because of the natural beauty around the place with forests all around the place and rocks of different shapes and sizes through which the water moves down and fall of a height. We were informed that the waterfalls are at another level and so a little bit of walking and trekking are required to reach the place and witness the natural beauty.

The walking distance was not long but the trek was a little rough. At first we said a no to trek but there was enough safety around so we went with it and reached the place successfully. The place was beautiful and it was worth the pain it took to make it there. The falls was beautiful and the rocks were crafted beautifully and naturally too because of the water flowing at high speed and causing erosion.

ghatarani waterfalls raipur

Ghatarani Waterfalls Raipur | Image Resource :

We all kept our legs in the shallow part of the water while having a seat on a huge rock present there and the cold water touching the legs and flowing was amazing feeling. We were also carrying foods and so we had some because of tiredness the trip had generated but we were still in high spirits and an important thing which we did was not to litter the place and so we bagged the garbage and decided to take it with us. The scenic beauty was amazing and we had a great time altogether at the place.

The trip to the last destination on the map of the city for us at Ghatarani Waterfalls Raipur was an exceptional one and with this going great, we all had a memorable trip and so it was time to say a good-bye and get back to home and continue my usual work and live a normal life.


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