Fun City, Chennai – Recreating Rides and Games for Kids

There is so much to do in Chennai other than visiting historical sites. I was particular that our trip should be exciting for the kids. Naturally, I included a trip to the Fun City. No wonder, traveling and sightseeing are my soul saviors; the time when I can be myself away from all the hassles and humdrum of the city life.

From Anna Salai, we traveled via Royapettah High Road to reach Dr. Radhakrishnan Salai, which took just 12 minutes. The Fun City was located on the third Mezz floor. A kids’ place generally, it has many rides and games. The gaming place allowed visitors to buy a Fun City Card of different denominations to allow kids to take part in rides.

fun city chennai entrance

Fun City Chennai Entrance | Image Resource :

My kids were quite exhilarated and wanted to try a few rides and games. I bought a card and recharged it to use at different game or ride points. The cost of a game varied from Rs.35 to Rs.200. I had to leave my kids alone to choose the game and my husband followed them. I had some time to go around and walked to the Fun Zone, which offered space to the toddlers.

kiddy rides in fun city chennai

Kiddy Rides in Fun City Chennai | Image Resource :

I curiously watched a few beautiful ones engaged in playing toys while some others enjoyed the slides and swings of different types. A lot of observing and learning was going around with colorful objects in different shapes, drawing and painting, themed toys, and so on.

Next, I moved to the rides zone, where one of my kids was waiting to ride a bumper car. There were other rides like rocking boat, swinging bears, and so on. I moved on to visit the Super Strike zone, where bowling was going on. A lot of young and adult people were busily engaged in the game focusing hard to strike the pins.

bowling in fun city chennai

Bowling in Fun City Chennai | Image Resource :

My husband was busy teaching our son how to hold the bowl and set it roll. The whole area looked electrifying with shouting and cheering at the experience. The Fun City offered billiards that anyone can try to pot colored balls.

Other than these, the place offered space to rent for conducting kids’ parties. It was getting late and we had to move on to visit the Donut House, our next destination.


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