Donut House, Chennai – Time to Relish Delicious Food of Chennai

If you are a foodie, you cannot miss any food outlet that is significantly important in place for its history. My family, also a foodie family, loved to visit food joints or restaurants. As being the case, we opted to visit the Donut House the next. Since it has seven outlets in different places in the city, we decided to go to the one that is nearby at the Wellington Estate in Egmore.

The Donut House is promoted by Pandora Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. An innovation made by its founder, Mr. Bhuvanesh Subarayan, who while staying in Sydney, Australia, picked up a liking for donuts. It is believed that he loved donut very much and wanted it to introduce in Chennai, India, which he did on the 29th of April 2011.

donut house chennai

Donut House Chennai | Image Resource :

We reached the restaurant around 8 pm, which functions from 11 am to 11 pm. Kids were excited since they want to feast on donuts, pizza and other delicacies. I love any food and always develop an interest in trying it at home. When we walked into the restaurant, I smelled the flavor of food.

inside view of donut house chennai

Inside View of Donut House Chennai | Image Resource :

Being a vegetarian restaurant, the Donut House offered an ambiance atmospheric enough for any guests. It offered beverages, sandwiches, combos, burgers, desserts, and other dishes. Though the foods of international origin have difficulty finding a place in the Indian palette, the Donut House popularized donuts, pizza, sandwiches, and so on among the young and old to a large extent.


Donut | Image Resource :

We sat around a table of four; when my kids ordered pizza and sandwiches, I stayed with Indian food of roti and chicken. My husband followed the kids as he loved fast food. The food was tasty and I felt contented.

After the food, we walked out to find the cab. I was thinking about the restaurant with its cozy atmosphere offering a range of foods and desserts to lure the customers. These restaurant chains survive looking for the opportunity in any part of the country, introducing new themes of serving food.

No doubt, like that in the north, south is also catching up with the change in the trend, taste, and culture of the people.


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