Guindy National Park, Chennai – A Place Small Enough for Weekend Vacation

We had an exciting time the previous day. The multiplex, technology and movie, all were impressive. I have to admit that most of the cities in South India are equally progressing and marching forward to meet the aspects of cities in North India. Chennai proves to be one among them. We were bit late the following day morning. The scorching sun in the day made us dreary and tired.

Our next destination was the Guindy National Park, which is located at DMS Compound in Teynampet. The park was open between 9 am and 5.30 pm for public visit. We had to buy tickets for both adults and children, which were Rs.20 and Rs.5 respectively. Since I was carrying my camera, I had to pay Rs. 20 for it.

guindy national park entry gate

Guindy National Park Entry Gate | Image Resource :

The park, which is the smallest park in India, is built in 2.70 square kilometer wide space and taken care of by the Tamil Nadu Forest Department. After showing the tickets, we entered it. Instantly, I felt there was a lot of tropical vegetation though it was unusual if placed in the center of the city. The kids were thrilled to watch the animals and shouted whenever they came across the animal.

I found a lot of black bucks, deer, snakes, jackals, tortoises, and birds in the park. Interestingly, the park has a long history. It was an area, which was originally a game reserve. Though the garden space was built in 1670s, the forest area was bought by the government in 1821. Since then, the park is maintained by the government through the forest department and is rich in flora, as well as fauna.

As for flora, I could figure out a lot of shrubs and herbs and trees in the park. Due to this ample flora, there were many types of birds. It is believed and confirmed by the birds enthusiasts that there are over 150 species of birds. Next, we moved to the Snake Park and saw many of them ranging from king cobra to pythons and vipers.

Kids ran to the Children’s Park the moment they saw it. There were many animals such as spotted deer, black buck, porcupine, crocodile, rhesus monkeys and languor. In addition, there were many varieties of birds. We walked out of the park and moved to our cab to visit the Sri Parthasarathy Temple.


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