Points to Consider Before Planning Travel Budget

As a successful executive in my field of work, I advise our clients and plan their travel for them. Recently, I came across a client, who, is a passionate traveller. She had planned to visit her favourite destinations in Europe. But, the pitfall here was – she had limited funds. It is fairly not possible to travel Europe with a tight budget.

With a heavy heart, I advised her to either look for some other travel options, preferably within India, or increase her travel budget.

budget travel

Budget Travel | Image Resource : europe.vacationxtravel.com

It seems to me that people are not pre-planning their resources prior to their travel. They personally fail chalking out a budget and hence face disappointments later.

Here, I would like to share a few travel budget tips. So the next time you plan your trip, make sure you use these tips and get your travel budget needs sorted.

planning travel budget

Planning Travel Budget | Image Resource : book2park.com

Budget for your primary transportation
Allotting funds for your major mode of transport is a big concern and should be dealt with properly. If you are travelling from one country to another, airfares is one important factor to consider. For shorter distances, it is also worth looking at various other forms of transportation.

Budget for your secondary transportation
It is not likely that you will travel by jetliner once you reach closer to your vacation destination. Other modes like trains, buses, cabs, etc., then come into picture. Allot funds for your travel likewise by considering alternative options.

Budget for your stay
In the best case scenario, you would have had booked hotels or other forms of accommodation prior to your journey. With the advent of online travel portals, it is now easy to book hotel rooms at the comfort of your home.

Budget for your dining experiences
Now this is one of the hardest and most crucial elements of travelling. One cannot really estimate how much they are going to spend on food and dining experiences as it depends on its availability. Plus, be informed that food is much cheaper in Southeast Asia than that in US, Europe, Canada.


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