INS Kurusura Submarine Museum : Life inside a Submarine

After having our food and getting ready at the hotel we decided to begin our trip of this lovely city. The first place that we all decided to visit was a famous museum of Vishakhapatnam called INS Kurusura Submarine museum. It is one of the famous landmarks of the city. This is one of its kind museums in whole of South Asia. The submarine was a soviet built and was inducted into Indian Navy in 1962 till it was de commissioned in 2001. After that the submarine was brought onto land and after spending an amount of Rs 6 crore on its technicalities and design it was converted into a museum.

ins kurusura submarine museum

INS Kurusura Submarine Museum | Image Resource :

The museum was definitely one of the big tourist attractions of Vizag as there were many people from all over the country who had come to visit it. The ex Navy official serve as guide and instructors who tell the common people about the different functions of the submarines. INS Kurusura has a total of seven compartments and she weighs around 1945 tonnes which is quite impressive for a submarine. The entry into the submarine was through the top from a cylindrical passage.

We all have seen or heard about submarines in movies, magazines and stories, but in reality seeing a submarine so closely from inside was a wonderful feeling. The respect for armed forces increased manifolds seeing how they live inside this vessel for the sake of their nation. There is also a small kitchen inside the submarine which is called Galley. The space for sleeping inside the submarine was only four narrow beds. The guide told us that during emergency the dining table was converted into an operation table.

As I told watching the life inside a submarine increased our respect for our Mariners of Indian navy. They live inside this vessel so that enemies don’t attack us from water, so that we can live in our houses safely and securely. It was a wonderful place to start our trip. The next place that we visited in Vishakhapatnam was another famous museum known as Visakha Museum.


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