Visakha Museum – A trip to Vishakhapatnam’s History

After the visit to INS Kurusura Submarine museum the next place of our visit in Vishakhapatnam was the Visakha Museum. The city of Vizag has a lot of history to talk about. Visakha museum has very beautifully preserved this history and the rich past of the city. It is also known as the Corporation museum and is one of the famous tourist landmarks of the city. The museum is located on the RK Beach road at a Dutch Bungalow.

The museum houses some of the finest artefacts from the ancient times like weapons and clothes of Royal Kings to the handguns and other artilleries of the British era. There are also items which are collected from other institutions from around the world from World War II. These include the bombs and hand grenades, shell bombs which didn’t explode are also on display at the museum. The museum also has many pictures of Gandhiji as Gandhiji had many connections with the city. The chairs and desk which were used by Gandhi ji are still in place.

visakha museum visakhapatnam

Visakha Museum Visakhapatnam | Image Resource :

The government has invested a lot in this museum and there are many artefacts from all over India. The place is a must visit for all the students of history and cultural studies. Vizag has played an important part in India’s trade with foreign nation all these things are very beautifully demonstrated in this museum.

When we visited this museum there were many tourists and visitors who had come. Photography is allowed inside the museum after paying little extra fees while entering. The parking and canteen facility at the museum is also very good. The staff under which the administration of the museum is are very courteous and friendly. Though audio tours of the museum aren’t available but still the manual guides are very informative.

Overall the visit to the Vishaka Museum was a very good one. We all came to know a lot more about this port city of India and its significance to the South Indian society and development. After the trip to Vishaka Museum the next which we visited was the famous Yarvada beach of Vizag.


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