An Evening with Animals at Indira Gandhi Zoological Park Vishakhapatnam

After the trip to the Simhachalam temple of Vishakhapatnam we decided to visit one of the most famous attractions of the city which is known as Indira Gandhi Zoological Park. The place was visited on the special request of the kids as they were longing to visit the zoo. The Park is the largest zoological park in Andhra Pradesh. It has a very good collection of the wild species which includes the Indian tigers, Elephants and other animals which are brought from other countries.

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park Vishakhapatnam

Indira Gandhi Zoological Park Vishakhapatnam | Image Resource :

The main attraction inside the zoo is the mini train which was started in the year 2000 used by tourists and other visitors so they can have a glimpse at the wild life inside the zoo. It is very easy to reach the Park from any area of Vizag city. Buses, autos and taxis operate from everywhere. The park was originally built in the year 1972 in the outskirts of Vishakhapatnam on a National Highway. This is a great place to spend some time with friends and family.  Kids loved the place as there was plenty of stuff to pump them up from swings to other playing zones.

Animals,Birds in Indira Gandhi Zoological Park

Animals,Birds in Indira Gandhi Zoological Park | Image Resource :

For the adults there are walking paths to take a nice evening stroll and enjoy some time away from noise and chaos. The animals which are found inside the park are Indian tigers, white tiger, Lions, Panthers, Rhesus, Benet, Squirrels, Porcupines, and Black bears. Some of the birds are also housed in the zoo which includes Mumias, Parakeets, Silver and Golden Pheasants and Reptiles like crocodiles, tortoise, Monitor lizards, Terrapins and many others. There were many visitors inside the Park which clearly indicates its importance and the popularity it has in Vizag city. Himalayan Black Bear, Lions and the Indian tigers are the star attractions of the zoological Park.

Overall it was a wonderful trip for all of us. The kids loved the place and for them we had spent extra time at the Park. After this trip to the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park the next place which we visited was the famous beach in the city known as the Sri Sarada Ramakrishna Beach.


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