Soulful Evening Spent At Sri Sarada Ramakrishna Beach

Once we were done with visiting the Indira Gandhi Zoological Park, the next place that we had decided to visit was the famous RK beach of the city. It is known commonly as RK beach though its full name is Sri Sarada Ramakrishna beach. A visit to the city is incomplete without a trip to the famous RK beach as it is one of the most famous beaches in the city. The place is thronged by thousands of people daily as it is the best tourist spot. The place is a great picnic spot to spend some quality time with your friends and family.

The panoramic view of the sea as well as the beautiful orange sky makes it a perfect destination to click images of the scenic beauty. There are many food stalls serving a range of food from idli dosa, sambhar idli to sea food like prawns and so on. However due to a large numbers of visitors the beach is also a little dirty compared to other beaches. There is an immense need to implement strict punitive actions against those who litter near the beaches. They destroy the beauty of these natural wonders gifted by nature.

Sri Sarada Ramakrishna Mission Beach

Sri Sarada Ramakrishna Mission Beach | Image Resource :

The visit to this beach will surely make you tension free and bring in a new lease of energy into your life. There are many shops selling sweet corn which one can taste while taking a stroll on the beach sands. Lying around the beach and de-stressing your mind while experiencing the cool breeze, or staring at the sea waves and the mighty ship vessels that seems to move at snail’s pace, is something one needs to do while at the RK beach. I found this place immensely peaceful and attractive. The kids also loved to play at the RK beach.

There is also a Yoga village which people may find attractive. Overall it was one of the best places in Vishakhapatnam to spend an evening with friends and family. After this visit to the Historic RK beach the next place which we decided to visit was the famous Borra Caves.


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