Trip to the Historic Borra Caves in Vishakhapatnam

After the trip to the exquisite RK beach in Vishakhapatnam our next trio was to one of the famous landmarks and tourist destination known as the Borra Caves. It is located in on the Anathagiri hill range along the Gosthani River. The cave is 100 mtr horizontally and 80 mtr vertically. The caves are full of formations of stalagmite and stalactite. The climate and average temperature of the hills where the caves are situated are as low as 25 degree Celsius. The river which flows along the caves provides water to the entire Vishakhapatnam City.

The caves were first discovered during the Geological Survey of India in 1807 by William King George. When these caves were discovered there were several myths and legends that came up about these caves. The most popular legend about these caves is that a cow which was once gazing on the top of these caves dropped through a hole. The cowherd who was searching for his cow came across these caves, while searching he came across a lingam which was interpreted as the Lord Shiva form who protected this cow from falling further. Since then a temple was built by the village folk outside the caves and people from all over the state comes to visit the temple.

Borra Caves Visakhapatnam

Borra Caves Visakhapatnam | Image Resource :

The trip to these caves was an adventurous journey. The temple and lingam dedicated to Lord Shiva was very beautiful. It was certainly a very artistic place. There were lot of good spots for photography and picnic. It was a cool place to hang out with your family. There are good food shops and cafes located nearby providing hot and cold beverages to the visitors. It is certainly a must go place if you are travelling to Vishakhapatnam.

The Borra Caves can be reached easily from any parts of the Vizag city. There are buses both of the tourism department and transport department that ply on the routes. After this visit our trip to Vizag city was coming to an end. We decided to visit one last place before going back it was the famous Araku Valley.


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