Pandoh Dam Manali – Impressing with Its Massive Structure

From the unique Tirthan Valley, we moved on towards our next destination which was named as the Pandoh Dam Manali. It is considered to be one of the few dams in the country which attract a lot of tourists throughout the year.

It is nothing but an embankment dam which is used for controlling the flow of the Beas River. The dam is located in what is known as Manali District. It actually changes the flow of the Beas to the south western portion with the help of long systems comprising of channels and tunnels.

Pandoh Dam Manali

                       Pandoh Dam Manali | Image Resource :

The water stored by the dam is then used for generation of power through the Dehar Power House and is then discharged into River Sutlej. One of the local members told us that the total installed capacity of the power plant is 990 megawatts.

The design of the dam was a bit complicated and out of my brains but my husband took the efforts to explain the way in which water is controlled by the dam and then used for generation of hydroelectricity. We also came to know that the dam has a total height of 249 feet or 76 m.

After being diverted by the dam, the water flows through the Pandoh Baggi Tunnel which in turn sends the water through a channel. After flowing through the channel, the water gets stored inside the Sundar Nagar Balancing Reservoir. The reservoir is considered to have the ability to hold 3,700,000 m3 of water in one go and sends the water through the tunnel known as Sundar Nagar Slapper.

We were really surprised with the massiveness of the dam. Another thing which is worth notable is the manner in which the large number of machines and generators were installed in order to use the diverted water in order to generate electricity. The Pandoh Dam Manali was so huge that it took us a lot of time to explore it completely. However, we were not allowed to view everything inside the dam as it wasn’t safe enough to do so. From there, we moved on towards our next destination which was Prashar Lake.


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