Prashar Lake Kullu – Picturesque Beauty amidst Snow Covered Peaks

The next destination in our list was the Prashar Lake Kullu which is considered to be around 50 kilometres away from Bajaura. The lake was located at a distance of around 20 km from the Pandoh Dam and we reached at the site very easily. Bajaura is actually a small town which falls in the path of tourists who travel from Manali to Shimla after crossing Bhuntar Airport and Kullu.

view of parashar lake

Prashar Lake | Image Resource:

One of the main attractions of the Prashar Lake is the pagoda styled temple which is of three storeys and has the main deity of the great sage Prashar. We knew that the lake has an altitude of nearly 2370m over the sea level. It is believed that the great sage Prashar used to meditate alongside the lake due to which it became famous.

view of parashar pagoda temple

Prashar Pagoda Temple | Image Resource:

The breathtaking view of the lake in the middle of massive snow covered mountains is very hard to forget. One can also climb over the peaks or drive to reach the top of the mountains to have a sound view of the lake and the River Beas which has a high current in this position.

view of snow covered mountains

Snow Covered Mountains | Image Resource:

We also came to know that there is a restaurant at the top of the hill which is famous for serving quality food at a very nominal price. We came to know from the local people that the temple beside the lake came into existence during the 13th century. There are many stories associated with the temple out of which one says that the temple was constructed with the help of just one tree.

Another legend believes in the fact that it was constructed by Pandavas during their journey with Deity Kamrunag in order to pay tribute to their teacher Dev Kamrunag.  We could also spot an island floating in the middle of lake. The locals told us that the interesting thing about the island is that the divers haven’t been able to identify its depth despite the available of advanced tools and technologies. Some of the locals told us that the lake is deep enough to eat away 30 meter tall cedar trees when they fall off during storms.


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