The Himalayan Village Resort Kullu – A Haven for Nature Admirers

The Himalayan Village Resort Kullu is one of the best hotels in Manali and ought to impress you with its splendid mixture of world class facilities and style. The harmonious blend of aesthetics and architecture is bound to refresh your mind with its own ways in the middle of incomparable natural beauty. We were extremely tired at the end of the journey and wanted to go for a deep slumber so that we could be ready to explore Manali in the best way possible.

On waking up rejuvenated, we were completely mesmerized with the breathtaking view of the surroundings. I took a walk on the path under the deodar trees with the fresh rays of the sun enlightening me with its blissful nature. The Himalayan Village Resort Kullu is located at the bottom of a popular village known as Malana.

The Himalayan Village Resort

The Himalayan Village Resort | Image Resource :

It is very close to Manikaran which is famous for different types of springs and being located along the river Parvati. It is also close to one of the famous pilgrimage sites in this part of the world namely tapobhoomi of Bhole Nath.

The premises of the hotel are ideal for exciting treks and are filled with huge flower valleys, crystal clear waterfalls, thick fauna and flora, etc. There is no doubt about the fact that the area is ideal for nature admirers like me and has the ability to be a memory of a lifetime with the sights of snow covered mountains in the backdrop, crystal clear night skies filled with bright stars and pristine rivers flowing down the valley.

The combination of ancient Kathkunia and pure traditional architecture along with deodar wood art, splendidly crafted teak furniture, pure brass fittings, handmade curtains of tussle silk, etc. make it a haven for tourists.

The Himalayan Village Resort Kullu

The Himalayan Village Resort Kullu | Image Resource :

It is made up of a number of cottages each of which is fully furnished equipped with study rooms, personal lawns, dressing room, mini fridges, mini bar and toilets. Another key feature of The Himalayan Village Resort Kullu is the fact that it offers a deep insight into architecture, cuisines, culture and lifestyle of the so called Pahari people welcoming you with open arms.


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