International Technology Park Bangalore – Narrating the Success of India’s IT Industry

Bangalore welcomed us all with a cool and pleasant weather. It was a perfect day to go out and explore the city. The first place which we decided to visit in the city was the famous IT Park of the city also known as the International Tech Park. The park is a proof of the Indian IT success and how Bangalore came to be known as the silicon valley of the country.

The place is located only 18 km from the city centre and has made Whitefield into a major suburban of Bangalore. The location of the Park, the infrastructure, state of the art technology and the lush green surroundings and spaces makes the place an amazing location for corporate offices of some of the best MNCs of the world. There are also many local companies with their offices at the park.

International Technology Park Bangalore

International Technology Park Bangalore | Image Resource :

The idea of the park was conceptualised through a Memorandum of understanding between the government of Singapore and Government of India. Ever since the model was followed by different states of the country and IT Park Bangalore played a pioneering role for its growth in the nation. It is not only a park but a city in itself spreading across the vast land of 28 hectares.

The visit to the Park was a good one. Whenever we visit any new place the first thing to visit is usually historical monuments but we decided to begin our trip with IT Park, the modern monuments of wonder and success which have transformed the IT and Software sector of the world. The park for sure is a success story which should be imitated by other states of the country to generate revenue and create world class infrastructure for the business development.

We were free from our visit to the IT Park within 2 hours. Once we were done with the visit to the park in Bangalore, we headed for our next place of visit which was the HAL heritage centre and aerospace museum. The museum houses some of the most prized and rare possessions of many different varieties of aircrafts and airplanes.


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