Tipu Sultan Summer Palace – An Inspiring and Historical Monument of Bangalore

The trip to the HAL aerospace museum was not only informative but also very exciting. We were thrilled to see the simulators producing the real life like effects of aircrafts and planes and the library was simply stunning. It was now time to visit a historical place located in the city which was made as a summer retreat by Tipu Sultan. The city of Bangalore which is regarded as one of the modern metros of the country also has a bit of history to it in the form of Tipu Sultan’s bravery.

The Tipu Sultan fort lies in the crowded City market area of Bangalore and the palace is situated within the premises of the fort. An important landmark of the city it is also one of the most important historical monument built in Islamic architecture. The palace used to be called as Raash-e-jannat or the Heaven’s Envy. The fort was built by the King to protect his kingdom from the British.

Tipu Sultan Summer Palace Banglore

Tipu Sultan Summer Palace Banglore | Image Rsource : nyainswe.wordpress.com

The palace is a majestic structure which is built from teak wood, mortar and stones. It is one of the most beautiful palaces you get to see in India. The charming carvings done on the pillars which support the palace structure are worth admiration. Floral motifs decorate the walls and ceilings of the palace giving it a magnificent look. This palace is a fine example of Indo Islamic architecture and art school.

Amazing Interiors Of Tippu's Summer Palace

Amazing Interiors Of Tippu’s Summer Palace | Image Resource : wkitravel.com

When Tipu Sultan died the British used this palace as their secretariat. The museum inside the palace is the most stunning part which houses many artefacts of that era. The museum presents a picture of the mighty Tipu Sultan and his bravery along with the luxurious life style of the royals. The crown and clothes of the Sultan are also placed there. One can also find a temple dedicated to Lord Ganesha inside the palace complex which speaks a lot of religious tolerance of the King.

Entrance of Tipu Sultan Summer Palace

Entrance of Tipu Sultan Summer Palace | Image Resource : flickr.com

The visit to the summer retreat of Tipu Sultan amazed us all. We were awe inspired by the architecture and the designs of the palace. When we were done with the visit to the palace, we headed for our next place which was Cubbon Park.


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