Enjoy The Exuberance Of The IT City – Best Things To Do In Bangalore!

Bangalore has been going by the names ‘Garden City’, ‘IT Hub’ and ‘Silicon Valley’ for years now. However, this pleasant place has much to offer to both residents and tourists. It has monuments and temples which belong to another era. It has hills, waterfalls and even bird sanctuaries in close proximity. It is home to the Bannerghatta Forest and Zoo and houses numerous serene lakes within the city.

Bangalore City

Bangalore City | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

IT Hub Bangalore

IT Hub Bangalore | Image Resource : ostrichtours.com

Bird watching is one of the best things to do in Bangalore, which are enjoyed by many tourists. The Mysore city is approximately 150 km from the city of Bangalore and is home to the Rangantittu Bird Sanctuary, which is one of the largest in the state. The sanctuary is also home to a large number of fresh water crocodiles and is visited by a variety of birds throughout the year.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary Bangalore

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary Bangalore | Image Resource : .team-bhp.com

Walk On The Lanes of the Busy MG and Brigade Roads – Things To Do in Bangalore!

Bird watching, are important things to do in Bangalore and most frequently happens in the town of Ramanagara. The town is famous because the popular cult movie ‘Sholay’ was shot in this location. The town is dotted with hillocks piled high and small water spots. It is home to the Long Billed Vultures, which have been declared as an endangered species. The pick – up location is Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore and the guests are welcomed with a cool drink and complimentary breakfast.

Bannerghatta Forest

Bannerghatta Forest | Image Resource : tourmyindia.com

Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore

Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore | Image Resource : newindianexpress.com

Horse Riding, Shopping Are Few More Preferred Things To Do In Bangalore

Going on road trips is an exciting thing to do in Bangalore. Bheemeshwari, Saavandurga and Shivagange. Shivagange & Devarayanadurga trips via Sedan are being held at Arekere Mico Layout as the starting point. Trips are also organized to historical places like Belur, Halebeedu, Sravana Belegola which have temples and monuments belonging to the royal era. They are being covered via Indica at Arekere Mico layout as the start point.


Bheemeshwari | Image Resource : trekkerpedia.com

Some event organizers arrange for day tours to other cities like Mysore and nearby locations like treks to Tadiandamol peak at Yavakapadi village.


Destination Of The Week : River Beas Manali

River Beas Manali

River Beas Manali | Image Resource : tourmet.com

Description : Nestled in the Himalayas Bhrigu Lake is a paradise on earth. Trekking to it is every travellers delight as the sights offered by it are so breath-taking, that one stares in wonder at lush green meadows, deep gorges and enchanting valleys. Here my thirst for exploring glaciers, moraine and swift flowing rivers is finally satiated.

Destination Of The Week : Rishikonda Beach Visakhapatnam

Rishikonda Beach Visakhapatnam

Rishikonda Beach Visakhapatnam | Image Resource : paklatest.com

About Rishikonda Beach Visakhapatnam : The calmness and the sense of peace you get at this beach is beyond words. Not to many people crowding and littering around makes the beach a wonderful place to relax at. It isn’t safe to venture into the sea beyond a certain point because the currents are strong but the beach patrol tries its best to keep the people safe and sound.

Yarada Beach – An Unexplored Beauty of Vishakhapatnam

After completing the trip to the Visakha museum at Vizag it was now the turn to visit one of the most beautiful beaches of the city known as the Yarada beach. It is one of those beaches which is sure to be overlooked and unexplored by most of the tourists who visit Vishakhapatnam. The beach is located outside the city and a visit to it is quite an experience. It is located about 15 km from the main city area, the Yarada beach offers a view of the majestic golden sands of the beach.

It is one of the few beaches in the city where one can take a dip in the waters. It is full of sea side experience as the weather and climate is very cool and the color of the skies during sunset and sunrise add dimensions to the beauty of the place. It was a wonderful time spent at the beach. The kids especially enjoyed a lot playing their games. It was childhood revisited while making castles from sand on the beach with the children. It is a perfect place to click some amazing family photographs with the background of the majestic sea waters.

Yarada Beach Visakhapatnam

Yarada Beach Visakhapatnam | Image Resource : panoramio.com

The beach is not visited by most of the people as it is situated outside the city premises. Most of the people love to visit only RK beach and others which lies inside the city. This is the reason why you won’t find it thronged with tourist. It is one of the unexplored attractions of Vishakhapatnam. The little cafes and restaurants offering delicious sea food and other beverages are also awesome. For me it is the best place to spend time with your loved ones away from the noise and chaos of a city life.

Beautiful View Of The Sunset

Beautiful View Of The Sunset | Image Resource : indiantravels.com

It is one of the calmest beaches in the city. The beautiful location offering a panoramic view of the hills and scenic sights is a visual treat. It is one of the famous shooting spot for South Indian movies. I recommend this place for anyone looking for a moment of solitude and peace in Vizag city.

After the visit to Yarada beach the next place that we decided to visit was the Simhachalam temple of Vishakhapatnam.

Destination Of The Week : Gangavaram Beach Visakhapatnam

gangavaram beach visakhapatnam

Gangavaram Beach Visakhapatnam | Image Resource : commons.wikimedia.org

Gangavaram Beach Visakhapatnam : According to me Gangavaram beach is one of the most beautiful beaches located close to Vishakhapatnam steel plant. The beach offers an aesthetic feel, which cannot be described in words. I would say, it’s an ideal place for TV serial makers and cinematographers. With its vast coast line and beautiful surrounding, the place has rejuvenated my soul completely!

The Perfect Destination of Enjoyment – Varkala Beach At Last

Having endured an uneventful serene Sivagiri Mutt, both my children were very restless and deliberately wanted to go to some fun place. So my husband and I decided to take them to the famous Varkala beach since sea beaches are the favorite for our whole family. Situated 12 minutes away from the Sivagiri mutt, this beach is a popular tourist attraction for people around the world. The somber faces of my children immediately glowed the moment I disclosed them the idea of visiting the beach. They could not wait to reach there and jumped into the sand the moment we reached there.

Varkala Beach

Varkala Beach | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

Though Kerala has a humid climate, the sea beach as other beaches was really comfortable due to the sea breeze. There were tourists from around the world, a few of whom were enjoying the sun bath lying on the beach. My husband was again active with his camera taking pictures of the beautiful seaside surrounded by the long stretch of cliffs — a visual treat available only in Varkala in the south Kerala. Sitting on the sand and enjoying the fresh air I had to keep an eye on the children, who were only allowed to go into ankle deep water of the sea. The snaps of them playing with the crashing waves have come really nice and one of them is framed now in our drawing room.

People Sitting on the sand and enjoying the fresh air

People Sitting on the sand and enjoying the fresh air | Image Resource : panoramio.com

There were small shops along the cliffs stretching for a kilometer or so. We bought some snacks and coconut water and had a nice time sitting on the beach. I also joined my kids in making a sand castle and sometimes it feels nice to be a child again! We noticed that a section of the beach was used by the Indians to scatter ashes of their cremated dead relatives, a ritual, which earned the beach the name ‘Papanasam’. In spite of that the sea water was used for swimming as well.

Crashing Waves

Crashing Waves | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

Enjoying the time at the Varkala beach Kerala, it was finally time for us to return to our resort. It was a relaxing time that we spent at the beach compared to the next day journey to the Top Station Munnar. But that is what a real trip should be – a mixture of all sorts of experience. And ours was definitely one of those.

Sunset At Varkala Beach Kerala

Sunset At Varkala Beach Kerala | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

Kovalam Beach Kerala – Nature At its Best

The train was as usual late and we reached our destination at least two hours late. I was tired but the time when I stepped outside the train, I could feel the freshness in the air of Kerala, my dream place and all my restlessness vanished. As soon as my children started shouting, Kerala here we come, their enthusiasm started rubbing on both my husband and myself. We hired a taxi and as we had already searched for our hotels in the travel site and booked it so without any hassles we reached the hotel and we simply checked in and went to bed. We had booked rooms in the Kovalam Beach hotel, which is near the Kovalam Beach Kerala in Thiruvananthapuram district. It was a very beautiful resort with pleasant gardens and a lovely swimming pool. The staff seemed friendly and dedicated.

Kovalam Beach Kerala

Kovalam Beach Kerala | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

We woke up at 5 o’ clock in the morning and after freshening up we were ready for our sojourn to the Kovalam Beach. As the arrangements had already been made, the car was waiting to take us to our destination.  The visual awesomeness of the beach rendered us speechless. The silvery shallow sandy beach and clean waters made nature look at its best.  The beach was bordered by coconut trees and the gentle swaying of the breeze was hypnotic. The clear, crystal water and waves were idyllic for surfing and swimming. One could also opt for lounge chairs, which were in plenty of supply.

At Beach

At Beach | Image Resource : panoramio.com

Being a foodie we could not let go of the opportunity to taste different types of cuisine in Kovalam Beach Kerala. The dishes were mouthwatering and our taste buds do tingle even today.  Participation of different water sports like parasailing, water diving, and surfing were a must for us. The shopping bargains left me chuckling. In the afternoon, we availed ourselves of Ayurvedic massages, which were to have medical benefits.  We were pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere, which was so relaxed and it made my mental and physical tiredness vanish. We had never seen such beautiful and majestic sunrises and sunsets and by the time we reached our hotel we were ready for our next destination, which was Padmanabhapuram Palace. This day had been one of the most beautiful, peaceful and relaxing days of our lives.

Sunset At Kovalam Beach

Sunset At Kovalam Beach | Image Resource : panoramio.com