Enjoy The Exuberance Of The IT City – Best Things To Do In Bangalore!

Bangalore has been going by the names ‘Garden City’, ‘IT Hub’ and ‘Silicon Valley’ for years now. However, this pleasant place has much to offer to both residents and tourists. It has monuments and temples which belong to another era. It has hills, waterfalls and even bird sanctuaries in close proximity. It is home to the Bannerghatta Forest and Zoo and houses numerous serene lakes within the city.

Bangalore City

Bangalore City | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

IT Hub Bangalore

IT Hub Bangalore | Image Resource : ostrichtours.com

Bird watching is one of the best things to do in Bangalore, which are enjoyed by many tourists. The Mysore city is approximately 150 km from the city of Bangalore and is home to the Rangantittu Bird Sanctuary, which is one of the largest in the state. The sanctuary is also home to a large number of fresh water crocodiles and is visited by a variety of birds throughout the year.

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary Bangalore

Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary Bangalore | Image Resource : .team-bhp.com

Walk On The Lanes of the Busy MG and Brigade Roads – Things To Do in Bangalore!

Bird watching, are important things to do in Bangalore and most frequently happens in the town of Ramanagara. The town is famous because the popular cult movie ‘Sholay’ was shot in this location. The town is dotted with hillocks piled high and small water spots. It is home to the Long Billed Vultures, which have been declared as an endangered species. The pick – up location is Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore and the guests are welcomed with a cool drink and complimentary breakfast.

Bannerghatta Forest

Bannerghatta Forest | Image Resource : tourmyindia.com

Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore

Kanteerava Stadium in Bangalore | Image Resource : newindianexpress.com

Horse Riding, Shopping Are Few More Preferred Things To Do In Bangalore

Going on road trips is an exciting thing to do in Bangalore. Bheemeshwari, Saavandurga and Shivagange. Shivagange & Devarayanadurga trips via Sedan are being held at Arekere Mico Layout as the starting point. Trips are also organized to historical places like Belur, Halebeedu, Sravana Belegola which have temples and monuments belonging to the royal era. They are being covered via Indica at Arekere Mico layout as the start point.


Bheemeshwari | Image Resource : trekkerpedia.com

Some event organizers arrange for day tours to other cities like Mysore and nearby locations like treks to Tadiandamol peak at Yavakapadi village.


International Technology Park Bangalore – Narrating the Success of India’s IT Industry

Bangalore welcomed us all with a cool and pleasant weather. It was a perfect day to go out and explore the city. The first place which we decided to visit in the city was the famous IT Park of the city also known as the International Tech Park. The park is a proof of the Indian IT success and how Bangalore came to be known as the silicon valley of the country.

The place is located only 18 km from the city centre and has made Whitefield into a major suburban of Bangalore. The location of the Park, the infrastructure, state of the art technology and the lush green surroundings and spaces makes the place an amazing location for corporate offices of some of the best MNCs of the world. There are also many local companies with their offices at the park.

International Technology Park Bangalore

International Technology Park Bangalore | Image Resource : hok.com

The idea of the park was conceptualised through a Memorandum of understanding between the government of Singapore and Government of India. Ever since the model was followed by different states of the country and IT Park Bangalore played a pioneering role for its growth in the nation. It is not only a park but a city in itself spreading across the vast land of 28 hectares.

The visit to the Park was a good one. Whenever we visit any new place the first thing to visit is usually historical monuments but we decided to begin our trip with IT Park, the modern monuments of wonder and success which have transformed the IT and Software sector of the world. The park for sure is a success story which should be imitated by other states of the country to generate revenue and create world class infrastructure for the business development.

We were free from our visit to the IT Park within 2 hours. Once we were done with the visit to the park in Bangalore, we headed for our next place of visit which was the HAL heritage centre and aerospace museum. The museum houses some of the most prized and rare possessions of many different varieties of aircrafts and airplanes.

Van Vihar National Park Manali- Home to Exclusive Flora and Fauna

I have always been an avid lover of wildlife and never missed the opportunity to visit one whenever I go for this kind of long trip. After exploring a large portion of the Great Himalayan National Park, it was time to further explore the unique range of flora and fauna with a visit to the Van Vihar National Park Manali.

Van Vihar National Park

Van Vihar National Park | Image Resource : bhopalbirds.com

The Van Vihar undoubtedly plays a major role in attracting tourists from different parts of the world. It is situated at a favourable location beside the famous Mall Road. On entering the National Park, we could see that it is full of different sizes of deodar trees which offer shade for the entire region. One of the unique features of the Van Vihar National Park Manali is the presence of wooden and concrete benches where visitors can sit and have a gala time while exploring the same.

Alligator at Van Vihar National Park

Alligator at Van Vihar National Park | Image Resource : en.wikipedia.org

We spotted many people who were there for enjoying picnics with their family members. We also came across many young couples and love birds enjoying the beauty of the lush green fields with the snow covered peaks in the backdrop. There are numerous paths which travel through the dense forests and are extremely ideal for strolling in the middle of dense green forests. We had to pay a very nominal fee of Rs 30 each in order to enter the Van Vihar National Park Manali.

Blackbuck At Van Vihar National Park

Blackbuck At Van Vihar National Park | Image Resource : wikimedia.org

We also got the opportunity to enjoysing boating for around 15 minutes and my kids were overwhelmed on hearing that. The National Park remains open from 8 in the morning to 7 in the evening during the summer while the closing time is advanced to 5 in the evening during the winter.

Tiger at Van Vihar National Park

Tiger at Van Vihar National Park | Image Resource : bhaskar.com

There is no doubt about the fact that the Van Vihar Manali is certainly a great way of spending quality time with friends, families and loved ones. We captured a lot of pictures as the sight of the large number of species of flora and fauna still remain etched in our memory. The Van Vihar National Park Manali is also known for its exclusive range of indoor games and swing rides.

Destination Of The Week : NIT Raipur

nit raipur

NIT Raipur | Image Resource : articlesbase.com

Description :- NIT (National Institute of Technology) is one of the most prestigious institutes for information technology in Raipur. It was established in 1956. This institute is funded and administered by the Government of India. This educational institute has countless courses for IT students. I had a great time hanging around the campus of NIT.

Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai – Known For Its Rich Collection

After our scientific and spiritual visit, it was a turn to visit a place of artistic effect. The Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai is the best place for you to visit if you have some interest in paintings, portraits, artefacts, etc. The Mahalaxmi temple and Jehangir art gallery were separated by a mere distance of 8 kilometres. I hired a taxi from the Mahalaxmi temple to Jehangir Art Gallery and reached there in 15 minutes. We were famished as we were surviving on breakfast only since morning. Thus, first we had our lunch at a restaurant nearby. After revitalizing ourselves we moved inside the art gallery.

Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai

Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai | Image Resource : wikipedia.org

This art gallery was quite different from the others; it furls a history of more than 60 years. It was established by Sir Cowasji Jehangir in 1952 after the recommendations of painter K.K. Hebbar and renowned scientist Homi Bhabha. It is surrounded by other important public places namely Prince of Wales Museum and Gateway of India. It has four huge exhibition halls. The art gallery premises have a famous cafeSamovar‘ and India’s oldest licensed antique dealers called ‘Natesans‘. The building has a concrete design, which was prepared by Durga Bajpai. The gallery is designed inwardly, which seems quite strange because in present times, a gallery is supposed to be outward so that it is able to display its artefacts properly.

Painting At Gallary

Painting At Gallary | Image Resource : yavishtha.wordpress.com

A large entrance encompasses the street. The Jehangir Art Gallery Mumbai performed renaissance in case of Indian art. It turned into a hub for new artists and art lovers. At present it has a national entity for contemporary Indian art lovers. The gallery organizes annual exhibition known as ‘The monsoon art show’. The gallery also supports people interested in arts by organising many events on art history, appreciation and criticism. There were hundreds of pictures displayed canvassed by various artist. Each had its different philosophy and theme. I loved this world of colours, emotions and presentation of philosophies.

After spending one hour in the gallery, we hastened to our next jaunt to Powai to pay a visit to modern Powai and some shopping. It was a striking artistic feeling that the Jahangir Art Gallery gave me. Now it was time to get into my next avatar of a shopaholic.

Nehru Science Centre Mumbai – A Centre of Excellence

Our hotel was hardly 2 km away from the CSTM junction. It took us 10 minutes to reach there. It was 5.40 am when we reached the hotel. We just changed our clothes and again fell asleep. When I woke up in the morning I saw that kids were already awake and they were watching TV. It was 8.30 am, I ordered breakfast, and got ready before the room service guy arrived with our breakfast. After having breakfast, kids got ready; it was 9.45 am by the time all these activities finished. We left for our first destination, which was the Nehru Science Centre Mumbai in a cab. It was less than 10 kilometres from our hotel but the cab took 30 minutes to reach there because of heavy traffic.

Nehru Science Centre Mumbai

Nehru Science Centre Mumbai | Image Resource : Wikipedia.org

There were fewer number of people because it was just 10.30 am, we easily bought three tickets for us at just rupees 60. It is India’s biggest science centre, spread in more than 5 acres of land. It is located in Worli, Mumbai. Its science park sports various types of trees, shrubs and plants. It is a great display of more than fifty advanced equipment related to different aspects of science such as energy, sound, mechanics, etc. The historical artefacts related to science are also collected here in Nehru Science Centre Mumbai. The centre’s building is a nice piece of architecture having different sections on different themes. It is a centre of learning as well; it organises numerous Olympiads, competitions, demonstrations on science education to enhance knowledge of the people and the students.

Students In Nehru Cente

Students In Nehru Center | Image Resource : dominicsavioandheri.blogspot.in

Students and group visitors are provided special discounts on their entry tickets. A 3D show is the latest addition to the glory of Nehru science centre, Mumbai. The main aim behind its establishment in 1985 was to demonstrate science’s progress over the long period since humans came into existence and to collect and develop scientific apparatuses for human welfare. I think this institution is serving its aim in the best possible way. Aalia was elated to experience the glamour of science. We spent about 2.30 hour in the Nehru science centre. After this scientific visit, it was time for us to feel the divinity and spirituality because Mahalaxmi temple, Mumbai was our next spot.

At Nehru Science Centre

At Nehru Science Centre | Image Resource : Wikipedia.org