Visit to the Royal Bangalore Palace – Pride of Bangalore City

After a wonderful trip to the Cubbons Park of the city, it was now turn to visit one of the biggest landmarks of Bangalore, the Bangalore Palace. The palace is a renowned place in the city and is known for its wooden structure and amazing carvings both inside and outside which depicts different architectural styles and is reminiscent of the royal culture of the city. The Palace grounds are also known for hosting concerts, cultural programs and events which involve a high number of audience and spectators.

The construction of the palace started in the year 1862 and was completed by 1944. There have been constant changes to the ownership of the empire from the Woddeyar Dynasty to the is said that on his visit to England, Wadiyar Dynasty King was highly impressed with the architecture of the Windsor castle and this inspired him to build a similar style palace in Bangalore.

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace | Image Resource :

The Palace is currently under the ownership of the Royal family of Mysore and since 2005 it is opened for the public. The entry fees and charges collected are all used for the maintenance of the Palace. The palace has many artefacts which are made from the trunk and body parts of animals like elephants and tigers which were hunted by the Woodeyar Kings.

The gardens of the Palace are spread across more than 450 acres. The furniture which is kept inside the palace is equally stunning reminiscent of the Victorian style and Edwardian styles. Floral motifs, wooden carvings are used everywhere to decorate the interiors of the Palace. There are 35 rooms inside the Palace. The Palace has undergone a massive renovation program. There are many artefacts which are now publicly exhibited like old photographs and silk clothes used by the Royal families.

Bangalore Palace is used by many Rock bands and Pop starts for their tour to India. Once I was done with the visit to the Palace I headed back to my hotel for spending the night and having dinner. The hotel which I had booked for this trip was Hotel Clarks Exotica  Resort& Spa.


Destination of the week : Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace | Image Resource :

Bangalore Palace : I was fascinated by the Bangalore Palace with its turrets and towers – there is an english feel to this place. The palace has sprawling grounds which serve as a venue for many events in Bangalore. While in this area, do stop by at the Opus restaurant for a bite of the best Goan food in town.

Bangalore Palace : A Royal Touch!

The famous city of Bangalore never needs any introduction of any kind. My visit to this place has webbed in the collection of my dreams as the most special occasions ever. I heard a lot of youngsters praising this place to be a party station and a fun paradise for them. To my greatest surprise I discovered this place as a perfect holiday venue for myself. My thoughts scaled on the decision of coming here as I was in the right side of my thirties, but the magic of this place revived the youth inside me!

After sufficient research and consideration I planned a family vacation. To my surprise I found one of the most beautiful places in Bangalore. Indeed the Bangalore Palace served to be an eye candy for me and my family. This place has a rich heritage in making and also bears the significance of being Bangalore’s traditional quilt. To my good luck I had visited this place at the right time when the event ground of this place known as the palace grounds was vibrant with a love concert. This experience was spectacular for the entire family and the kids enjoyed the music and atmosphere thoroughly.

Travelling with kids raised a concern in my mind for their entertainment. This query of mine was sorted with brilliance. The fun park in the premises of the Bangalore Palace rendered excellent rides and games for the enjoyment of kids. They just loved the fun filled land and water rides and were in no mood to leave this place. Several wildlife parks and sanctuaries around this place drew my attention and I found a bridge between nature and myself as the exotic beauty of nature and the city becomes a quilt for a nature lover.

Fun park in Bangalore palace

Fun Park in Bangalore Palace | Image Resource :

All the fun and entertainment including the services of the fun park in the Bangalore Palace was well within the boundaries of affordability. These services were offered with a great package which fetched me and my family the best deals including accommodation and other value added services. We had a blast at the Durbar hall and the banquet halls where I was richly impressed by the ceramic surrounding and splendid lighting.