Bangalore Palace : A Royal Touch!

The famous city of Bangalore never needs any introduction of any kind. My visit to this place has webbed in the collection of my dreams as the most special occasions ever. I heard a lot of youngsters praising this place to be a party station and a fun paradise for them. To my greatest surprise I discovered this place as a perfect holiday venue for myself. My thoughts scaled on the decision of coming here as I was in the right side of my thirties, but the magic of this place revived the youth inside me!

After sufficient research and consideration I planned a family vacation. To my surprise I found one of the most beautiful places in Bangalore. Indeed the Bangalore Palace served to be an eye candy for me and my family. This place has a rich heritage in making and also bears the significance of being Bangalore’s traditional quilt. To my good luck I had visited this place at the right time when the event ground of this place known as the palace grounds was vibrant with a love concert. This experience was spectacular for the entire family and the kids enjoyed the music and atmosphere thoroughly.

Travelling with kids raised a concern in my mind for their entertainment. This query of mine was sorted with brilliance. The fun park in the premises of the Bangalore Palace rendered excellent rides and games for the enjoyment of kids. They just loved the fun filled land and water rides and were in no mood to leave this place. Several wildlife parks and sanctuaries around this place drew my attention and I found a bridge between nature and myself as the exotic beauty of nature and the city becomes a quilt for a nature lover.

Fun park in Bangalore palace

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All the fun and entertainment including the services of the fun park in the Bangalore Palace was well within the boundaries of affordability. These services were offered with a great package which fetched me and my family the best deals including accommodation and other value added services. We had a blast at the Durbar hall and the banquet halls where I was richly impressed by the ceramic surrounding and splendid lighting.


Picture Perfect Holiday In The Garden City Of Bangalore!


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Every vacation lies on its edge of fantasy which is firmly roped about by certain determining factors. Needless to mention the location where the holiday plans are to be stationed claim maximum potential for being the deciding factors for the success of a vacation. One of the liveliest and happening vacations I planned with my family was a visit to the garden city of Bangalore. More commonly known as the IT hub of India, the silicon city has carved its own commercial and tourist expectation over the years.

My occupation at a travel desk seemed to guide my vision of a family vacation to this city. To my surprise I could sketch a comparison between the hyper malls of this city with any leading malls in South Asia. My family vacation was of ensuring a total package. This definitely included different age groups and correspondingly interesting factors which tickle their fun roots!

Bangalore airport

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Lal Bagh Garden, Bangalore

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Arriving at the Bangalore airport the cab services projected to our vision a big list of amazing hotels in the city each at its prime importance of accessing several tourist spots.  Bangalore is home to the finest luxury hotels rated best across several sources. Our exuberant visit to the places of cultural importance like the Ravindra Kalakshetra, and the beautifully maintained gardens of Lal Bagh indeed rendered a soothing experience for my family. Being a working woman in the early thirties, the shopping extravaganza streets of the Brigade road and M.G road gave me a take off to update my wardrobe. This definitely proved to be a tough time for the men while me and my daughter set foot on the commercial streets. This place offered to us a wide and exciting variety of clothing, accessories and apparel which came along with the best cracked deals.

I could reach to several famous tourist locations like Mysore, Coorg, and the hills of Nandi with ease keeping Bangalore in the centre of my compass. Further my family had riotous fun at Wonderla theme park on the Mysore Road, where we paid a visit to the kids within us. Indeed fantastic is this place and my vacation was truly a framed picture in the priciest of my memories!