Delicious Food Of The Week : Balushahi Bangladeshi Cuisine

Balushahi Bangladeshi Cuisine

Balushahi Bangladeshi Cuisine | Image Resource :

About Balushahi Bangladeshi Cuisine:  I recently got to try a Bangladeshi dish called the Balubashi. It is very similar to the South Indian dessert called the Badushah. It was in shape of a doughnut and had a sweet buttery sugary glaze on it. It melted in my mouth in a matter of a few seconds and was a delightful end to my meal.


Destination Of The Week : Bugle Rock Park Bangalore

Bugle Rock Park Bangalore

Bugle Rock Park Bangalore | Image Resource :

Summarization : Many of the travelers are astounded when I tell them that there is a natural rock park in Bangalore which is estimated to be over three million years old. It is a hill of rock which rises above the sea level and is now converted into a historical site and visited by many.