Amazing Air Travel from Pune to Vishakhapatnam

As the summers arrived we all decided to go for a small holiday somewhere in India. As North India was under a heat wave we decided to visit some South Indian city. There were many names as suggestions but we finally shortlisted Vishakhapatnam as our destination. The entire tour and travel plan was under me so I had to take care of the travel and staying stuff. We had booked flights ticket from Pune to Vishakhapatnam for the trip. All the major airlines operate on this route but I had selected Air India for this purpose.

Though the flight isn’t a direct one it has a stoppage at Hyderabad for few hours before the next flight takes off to Vishakhapatnam. The tickets were done easily through the mobile travel app on my android. The tickets were booked at a bargain and amazing price. As the flight as of 11 AM we had reached the airport by 9 Am to complete the check in formalities. We had our breakfast on our way to the airport.

pune’s lohegaon airport

Pune’s Lohegaon airport | Image Resource :

air india airlines

Air India Airlines | Image Resource :

The first flight was from Pune’s Lohegaon airport to Hyderabad airport. It was a short 3 and a half hour flight. The in flight entertainment system of Air India airlines though not very good, but was still fine. The kids were enjoying their movie and we also decided about what places to visit in Vishakhapatnam. The meals served on flight were a light meal package consisting of snacks. When we landed at the Hyderabad airport we had our lunch while waiting for our next flight at one of airport’s restaurant.

vishakhapatnam airport

Vishakhapatnam Airport | Image Resource :

The next connecting flight from Hyderabad to Vishakhapatnam was also a short 2 hour flight only. By 6 PM we landed at Vishakhapatnam. We were heading towards the exit when we saw a guy waiting for us. The taxi was sent by our hotel to receive us from the airport. We had booked a hotel in advance for this trip. The hotel booked by us was Four Points by Sheraton. The weather was quite cool at Vizag and we were very happy when to hit the roads of Vishakhapatnam finally.


My train travel from Pune Junction (PUNE) to Chennai Egmore (MS) – A Journey Worth Remembering

I am glad to come again with another interesting travel experience. In life, monotony creeps in due to constancy of schedules and weariness overcomes me making me dull and lazy. This is when I go on a trip visiting places of historical importance, loosening me up to get ready for another long and tiring schedule.

This time I planned to travel to Chennai, a fast-growing city in South India. Chennai, as such, is a place bound by culture, history, and heritage. It promises a lot of opportunities to anyone, who is on a sightseeing visit. Once decided, I didn’t take much time to book the train tickets for my family and me.  There are many trains from Pune to Chennai; nevertheless, I booked AC Second Class tickets with Chennai Express (12163). Since the train is available on all days, we had our journey scheduled on a Wednesday.

On Tuesday, we started off to the Pune Junction in the midnight at 11.30 am because our train is expected to arrive at the station at 12.05 am on Wednesday. Chennai Express arrived ten minutes late that we had ample time to have a cup of tea. After the five minutes halt, we were off Chennai starting our train travel from Pune to Chennai.

chennai express

Chennai Express | Image Resource :

The A1 compartment was quite clean and there were pillows, blankets and bed sheets to make the travelers comfortable. I had a comfortable sleep until the train reached the Wadi Junction. It was 7.20 in the morning and time for the breakfast. I had food packed for breakfast and lunch as I love to cook for my children. Roti and aloo baaji went well in the morning and I was happy to see everyone relishing my dish.

By the time we finished our breakfast, the train passed the Raichur Junction. We had fun discussing on current issues and movies and singing a few latest songs such as ‘Man mokat he jhale’ and ‘Todhiya rudhi’.  The train reached the Guntakal Junction at 11 am. When it stopped at Kadapa, we had our lunch. During the journey I was praised a few times for the delicious food by my hubby, which of course encouraged me to try new recipes later.

chennai egmore railway station at night

Chennai Egmore Railway Station at night | Image Resource :

We reached Chennai Egmore at 8 pm and traveled to straight to Hotel Pandian. Our train travel by Chennai Express from Pune to Chennai thus was exciting.

Destination of the week : Bund Garden

Bund Garden

Bund Garden | Image Resource :

About Bund Garden : Bund garden in Pune is also known as Mahatma Gandhi udhyan. If you like quiet, scenic places then this is the place for you. You can take a boat ride or a horse ride or just do nothing and relax. Tip: the bhel puri and pani puri here are not to be missed.